Professional and knowledgeable Realtor

She has integrity and gives sound advice, and gives you the option to make the decision that’s right for you. She sees about your interest first which is very much appreciated when you do not know the business world of real estate. I would recommend her unhesitatingly.

Testimonial By: Debra Harris
Client Type: Buyer

Highly-organized, go-getter, extremely knowledgeable, friendly

Delaine was an absolutely fantastic real-estate agent. She was definitely looking out for our best interest in purchasing a home, and worked around are very busy schedules. She made herself very easily available, and would do anything to ensure the purchase of our house went smoothly. Due to some problems on the seller’s end, she took time out of her own personal schedule to close on our house just before midnight on a Friday night to ensure the sale went through. She knows all the legal issues and fine print in contracts like it was written on the back of her hand.

Not only was she an excellent real estate agent, she also provided us with many sources for the various repairs and work we needed done to our house. She literally could give us a credible source for absolutely any job that needed to be done. I would definitely recommend working with Delaine, and listen to what she says because she knows what she’s talking about.

Testimonial By: Kate Henshaw
Client Type: Buyer

Great / Interior designer and Realtor perfect combo!

Dealine is great. She is also a profesional interior designer and is able to look at a house and provide ideas about how to open spaces up etc. She is an incredible resource and a great value!

Testimonial By: Derek Radoski
Client Type: Prospect

Easier than expected.

She advised me on what I needed to know through the buying process. She answered all the questions I was confused about. Its hard finding a good realtor because you dont really know if they care about what is best for you only because it is a money business. Realtors are like socks, they have to fit snug and comfortably. You have to be able to trust them. Delaine is a delight.

Testimonial By: Nichole Brooks
Client Type: Buyer

Positive, helpful, friendly

Delaine was very helpful in helping me find a rental apartment. She was also very friendly in welcoming me to the Alexandria community and helping me to meet people here.

Testimonial By: Alissa Streletz
Client Type: Buyer

Great Negotiator, realistic, professional sharp

Delaine was attentive, helpful and very good to work with. She also was very good with changing market

Testimonial By: K
Client Type: Buyer

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